Clinicians in our sliding fee scale clinic are working remotely. If you are calling to request counseling services, you may fill out this form and a member of the staff will reach out to you.

A Thoughtful Alternative

The Bowen Center Clinic offers affordable psychotherapy to individuals and families and consultation to organizations in the greater Washington community.

People from all walks of life seek assistance with their own personal dilemmas. Anxiety, depression, physical illness, marital discord, behavioral problems, family relationship dilemmas, and workplace difficulties are some of the problems people bring to the Family Center.

People consulting Family Center therapists take up the challenge of thinking in new ways about the difficult situations they face and of accepting responsibility for the direction of their own lives. While many people initially prefer weekly appointments, they quickly learn that the real effort lies outside the clinical hour in their important relationships, and they have clinical sessions less frequently.

The Family Center operates the Clinic on MacArthur Boulevard in Washington, DC.

Appointments are available weekdays and evenings. Please call the Family Center at (202) 965-4400 for further information. One of the clinical staff will return the call to provide further information and schedule an appointment. It is usually possible to have an appointment within a week.

What to Expect

The clinician brings a high level of training and years of experience in studying human behavior.

The clinician does not tell the client what to do or how to solve problems, but asks questions that ideally provoke the client’s best thinking and helps to place the current dilemma in a broader context.

The clinical hour provides time for the client to devote his or her best thinking and energy to working on self in the broader context of important relationships.


The Family Center Clinic is nonprofit. A sliding fee scale is available for people with limited financial resources and for those affected by the ever-changing constraints of insurance and managed care. The fee scale, based on annual income, number of dependents, and insurance benefits, ranges from $10 to $125 per hour.

The Clinic is a fee-for-service center. Payment is expected at the end of each session.

Please review your insurance benefits and restrictions before you call. Statements are generated monthly and can be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement.

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