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The coronavirus has limited the ability of faith communities to gather. This has been the case for nearly one year. Communities have made great efforts to remain in contact using online worship and limited “safe distance” gatherings. Social times, in-person groups, and activities remain largely curtailed.

What can Bowen family systems theory tell us? How do we have the viable emotional contact needed to function well as faith communities? Is physical proximity necessary? Many people speak of too much direct contact with their immediate families while experiencing isolation from others. Some who live alone speak of isolation despite online contact.

We will look at these questions through concepts of Bowen theory: togetherness and individuality, and differentiation of self (which develops in relationship with others). How can we best fulfill our purposes as communities of faith during this time and beyond?

Attend online via Zoom.

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About the Faith Leadership Conference

The Faith Leadership Conference is an annual event exploring the challenges and possibilities faced by leaders of faith communities. Each year the conference has a specific focus, and includes presentations on Bowen theory, case studies, and discussion.