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Speaker: Kenton T. Derstine, MDiv, DMin

This conference will explore the idea that the effort for differentiation of self in one’s own family contributes to enhanced functioning in one’s work. Increasing one’s awareness of emotional and relationship patterns across one’s previous generations informs the effort to become a more connected and a more defined self in one’s family. This process can produce shifts in one’s functioning in family, a family’s functioning, as well as enhanced leadership effectiveness. Recordings of two clinical interviews will be shown to illustrate the interplay between the effort for differentiation of self in one’s family and in the workplace.

A maximum of 5 CEU/CEs are available.

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About the Clinical Conference Series

The Clinical Conferences are designed to assist professional people in the pursuit of clinical excellence. Using presentations, videotaped interviews with family members, and ample discussion time, the conferences illustrate the interplay of theory and technique for a variety of human issues. The goals of each conference are to illustrate the application of Bowen theory in practice and to enhance people’s understanding of differentiation of self.