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Speaker: Carrie E. Collier, PhD, LPC, CRC

Excitement and anxiety come with parenthood. Parenthood holds an instinctual concern and adaptation to help, provide for, and secure one’s offspring. The nature and intensity of parent-child relationships varies. The intensity is exacerbated with a history of ongoing unresolved family anxiety. Growth is stunted in the parent and the child when the parent-child relationships are more intense and rigid. The consistency and intensity of energy, that is focused on or is consumed by the parent-child relationships, over generations predicts future generations’ parenthood patterns and functioning. The multigenerational parental triangles, parent-child, and marital interactional patterns are predictors of future family parenthood. Parenting intensity and focus, emotional reactions, and differentiation of self are born from the multigeneration family system. The best of parenting guides is held in the history of parent-child relationships and chronic anxiety in the family emotional system.

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