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Searching for Harmony between Human Societies and Their Sustaining Environments with Pat Comella has been cancelled.

Speaker: Patricia Comella, Esq (retired)

Ms. Comella will describe her efforts to apply Bowen’s natural systems theory of human emotional functioning to mitigate tensions in the relationship between human societies and their sustaining environments. The human is inextricably attached to the Earth. Humans depend on nature’s bounty for their survival and cannot sustain their existence without nature’s help. Conversely, nature cannot sustain its health without human sensitivity to its needs. There is currently abundant evidence that the relationship is out of balance, as there are limits to what nature can provide. The speaker will highlight how understanding and using Bowen theory can be used to think through ways to bring the human into better harmony with nature.


About the Professional Lecture Series

The Professional Lecture Series focus on the family as a natural system and on knowledge from the study of other natural systems. A distinctive feature of this meeting is the length of time the presenter is given to develop and illustrate ideas and entertain discussion.