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The goal of this conference is to highlight the importance of exploring family research as a means to better understand one’s family and one’s part in it. The invited researcher, Ryan Woods, leads a nationally recognized organization, AmericanAncestors, the oldest genealogical organization in the US. From his rich experience in traditional genealogical research, he will present on how people are motivated and impacted by genealogical research and on his observations of patterns and legacies in published family histories. His broad research perspective will interface with presenters who will describe research of their own families from the perspective of Bowen family systems theory. Participants will come away with an appreciation of how family research broadens one’s understanding of family emotional process and how Bowen theory illuminates one’s understanding of family history.

Mr. Woods will be speaking on the following topics at the Spring Conference

  • The Origins, Motivations, and Influence of Genealogy: An Examination of the Development of Family History as Pastime and Profession

  • Generational Impact: A Survey of Observations, Patterns, and Legacies in Published Family Histories

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About the Spring Conference

The Spring Conference focuses on a single concept related to Bowen theory. Guest scientists, researchers, and leaders in the study of family systems offer presentations related to the topic during this two-day conference. There is ample time for questions and discussion with the audience.

Each year at the Spring Conference, the Caskie Research Fund Award is given to support an important research effort in Bowen theory.