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Flocks, Families, and Organizations: Emerging Applications from Bowen Theory and Science

The 2017 Spring Conference is an exchange of ideas that has the potential to shift the way one thinks about relationships at work: group behavior, leadership, and decision making. It features Bowen family systems theory and the research of our guest lecturer, Dr. Iain Couzin. This learning exchange will expand the view of the continuous dance between individual and group interaction, the impact of anxiety on the group and the difference one person can make in a complex system. Applications of this theoretical perspective include the capacity to increase organizational and leadership effectiveness for consulting firms, profit and nonprofit organizations, family enterprises, and faith communities.

Bowen theory describes the predictable processes that underpin human relationship systems, how a related group operates as an emotional unit and how group functioning influences the behavior of the individual. Dr. Couzin, Director, Max Planck Institute for Ornithology, Chair of Biodiversity and Collective Behaviour, University of Konstanz, Visiting Senior Research Scholar, Princeton University, researches individuals as part of a group, from cellular structures to insect swarms, fish schools, bird flocks, animal herds, and human groups. He is a scientist who contributes to the Harvard Business Review and believes in the value of multidisciplinary dialogue for learning.

This conference is a unique opportunity to think deeply about your work. It will not provide quick fixes but rather new ways to think about persistent challenges. It promises to engage your thinking by encouraging you to integrate what you know with new concepts from scientific research. Please join us to think about the social organization of work.

Continuing Education: 12 CEU/CCEs available for this conference