The Theory Meeting began as Dr. Bowen’s teaching conference on the family for the psychiatric residents at Georgetown University School of Medicine in the early 1960s. Dr. Bowen invited others in the community to attend. Dr. Bowen conducted the meeting until 1990. When Dr. Kerr became Director he conducted the meeting until August 2013.

Now led by Dr. Papero, this meeting is for people with advanced knowledge of Bowen theory. The meeting is attended by Georgetown Family Center faculty and staff, mental health professionals from the community, and others with an interest in applying Bowen theory to their own lives and work. Each participant has the opportunity to make informal presentations about some aspect of Bowen theory or specific applications. The emphasis is on an exchange of ideas that can further develop the theory.

People interested in participating in this meeting must contact Dr. Papero before attending to discuss whether they have sufficient background in Bowen theory to benefit from and contribute to the meeting. The meetings are held at the Georgetown Family Center on the first and third Wednesdays of every month. There are no meetings in July and August and occasional cancellations during the year. The fee for the year is $500.00.