November 4, 2016

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

The Bowen Center is beginning a new five-year campaign entitled The Next Step: Initiatives for the Future. The campaign encourages you to make a five-year pledge, which helps the Center plan its finances. Or you can choose to make an annual contribution. The Next Step follows our successful Campaign for the Future. Your contributions there helped us add the technology we now use for webcast training and programming and also provided for the renovation of the classroom and other necessary improvements to our condominium office space.

The addition of nine new faculty members in the last five years has invigorated our programming and allows us to expand our initiatives to put Bowen theory into the world.

Like other educational institutions, which use donations to fund expansion, initiatives, and scholarships, the Bowen Center raises most (82%) of its operating funds through programming.

Your donations are essential to making up the remaining 18% difference, including support for:

  • Scholarship to Training Programs
  • Outreach to the Spanish Speaking World
  • Development of the Website and Social Media
  • Online Training and Seminars
  • Family Systems Journal
  • Sliding Scale Clinic
  • Outreach to the Business World and Faith Communities

The Bowen Center depends on your dedication to Bowen theory to continue this work. Please read the initiatives described in The Next Step brochure and decide which captures your imagination. Your dedication and contribution is greatly appreciated.


Anne S. McKnight, LCSW, EdD
Bowen Center for the Study of the Family