May 1, 2017

Dear Friend:

Your ongoing generosity has helped the Bowen Center move into 2017 with exciting events and initiatives. The Spring Conference, “Flocks, Families, and Organizations”, concluded recently with an amazing speaker from the Max Planck Institute, Iain Couzin, who spoke about his work on how information is transmitted through groups of insects, fish, baboons, and people. This conference was the first conference oriented towards the application of Bowen theory to business and organizations in a number of years.

The Bowen Center continues to develop its new initiatives:

Social Media: Twitter — Many tweets were sent out from the Spring Conference as part of our campaign to engage people in Bowen theory. We continue to grow our understanding of the use of social media through Kristin Reagan our social media consultant. The Bowen Center will soon launch a LinkedIn discussion group. We hope you will join the discussions.

Media Project: The Bowen Center is in the process of reviewing and restoring old videos. One goal is to utilize segments of these videos on our website to illustrate concepts of Bowen theory. Also, Dr. Mariana Martinez continues to tape Family Matters at UDC TV. They are uploaded to YouTube for free and are used by many as an introduction to Bowen theory.

Training: We continue to have a robust group of trainees in the Postgraduate Program, the Online Introduction to Bowen Theory and Its Applications and Bowen Theory in Organizations. More recently, the Bowen Center began a collaboration with Eastern Mennonite Seminary to provide training in Bowen theory for clergy.

Journal: The Family Systems journal continues to be indexed, is on a publishing schedule of twice a year, and is going to be published online as well as in print within the next year.

The Bowen Center is financed through its fees, but an educational institution always relies on fundraising to support its mission. Please give generously. Many thanks in advance. Please complete the enclosed pledge card and indicate your level of support for the five-year campaign, the Next Step. Your contribution will help us better plan, sustain, and expand the work of the Bowen Center.


Dr. Anne McK­­­night
Director, Bowen Center for the Study of the Family