Carrie E. Collier completed her master’s in rehabilitation counseling from the University of South Carolina, School of Medicine, Columbia, SC in 1999 where she became a licensed professional counselor while working in the emergency department conducting psychiatric evaluations and assessments. Dr. Collier earned her Ph.D. in counseling from The George Washington University in Washington, DC. She completed her clinical residency at the Georgetown Family Center Clinic and trained in the Postgraduate Program at the Georgetown Family Center from 2008-2010.

Dr. Collier has practiced as a licensed professional counselor since 2000. She has provided outpatient and inpatient counseling services to couples and families, children, adolescents, adults, and older adults in South Carolina, Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia. She has offered face-to-face, telephonic couples counseling and pre-marital and marital counseling services. Dr. Collier’s past experiences in the mental health field have led her to use a positive strength-based approach along with the Bowen family systems theory in her practices with individuals, couples, and families. Some of her more successful counseling outcomes have occurred when the couple, individual, and/or the family approached and resolved his/her problems using Bowen family systems theory.

Dr. Collier’s research focus is identity development and late life successful adaptation, wisdom, and ethics of care. She has conducted research on the relations between wisdom and ethics of care in late life. Dr. Collier is an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Counseling and Human Development at Trinity Washington University, Washington, DC and The George Washington University, Washington, DC.