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Speaker: Peggy Chan, MEd, RSW
Director of Program, ISS Family Institute, International Social Service Hong Kong Branch, Hong Kong

The mother-in-law/daughter-in-law relationship is often experienced as complicated and intense for many families in Hong Kong. The introduction of unresolved emotional attachment to the family of origin into the spousal relationship often creates tensions in both the marriage and the spouse’s family of origin. Another complicating cultural factor is the expectation of loyalty to one’s parents. Ms. Chan will be presenting her ideas relating not only to marriages in the culture of Hong Kong, but some thoughts about her own experiences and how working on differentiation of self can be an influence in calming otherwise stressful relationships.

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About the Professional Lecture Series

The Professional Lecture Series focus on the family as a natural system and on knowledge from the study of other natural systems. A distinctive feature of this meeting is the length of time the presenter is given to develop and illustrate ideas and entertain discussion.