Ms. Wiseman is a business consultant whose work is based on Bowen family systems theory. Her 30-year professional experience includes consulting to family firms, family foundations and family offices, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and multi-site manufacturing facilities. She is working with families of wealth, lawyers and financial professionals as they plan for the next generation’s role in decision-making with regard to family assets.

Along the way, she has gained an appreciation for the challenges leaders encounter in their work and a respect for people’s ability to adapt creatively. Her perspective is one of a “business anthropologist.”

Ms. Wiseman received an undergraduate degree in sociology from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from George Washington University. She was appointed to the faculty of the Bowen Center for the Study of the Family in 1994.

She is founder and president of Working Systems, Inc. a consulting firm located in Washington, DC, and creator of a production firm that created “Why Work: Stories from the American Workplace.” She is a past president of the Family Firm Institute Research and Education Foundation. Currently, she works in collaboration with the Learning Space.