The Bowen Center offers a wide variety of publications and AV media.


Our online store features books and articles on Bowen theory, several of which may be downloaded directly from the site.

Family Systems Journal, a subscription-based interdisciplinary journal, is available through our store. The Journal publishes articles which advance the understanding of human emotional functioning and behavior based on Bowen theory.

Past articles are available for purchase as downloads. You can search for articles by Author or Feature: (Articles, Archives, Faculty Case Conferences, Brief Reports, Book Reviews, and Commentaries).

This page offers a listing of books and articles by members of the faculty.

AV Media

Family Matters

The Bowen Center regularly streams episodes of Family Matters, a series of half-hour TV shows jointly produced by the Bowen Center for the University of the District of Columbia since 2006. Topics focus on issues that matter to families as seen through the viewpoint of professionals with experience in Bowen family systems theory.

Conference Recordings

The Annual Symposium and Spring Conference are offered by the Bowen Center each year. Both conferences are recorded.

The Symposium is given in the fall. It features a Distinguished Guest Lecturer and members of the Bowen network to present, question, and discuss the latest research and ideas. Audio and video recordings of the Symposium begin with the 38th Symposium (2001).

The Spring Conference focuses on a single topic that is explored in depth through presentations and discussion. Audio and video recordings of the Spring Conference begin with the 2001 conference.

To learn about this year’s conferences, please see our Meetings page.

Other Media

In this category we offer both recently created multimedia products, as well as previously unavailable items from our archives that have been restored and remastered.

“Chalk-talk” theoretical presentations by Dr. Bowen on individual concepts of Bowen theory. This series is the most complete introduction to Bowen theory in our AV catalog.

Dr. Bowen is interviewed on the concepts of family systems theory and therapy by Dr. Michael E. Kerr, who succeeded him as Director of the Family Center.

Dr. Kerr presents Bowen theory as an integrated whole theory. Designed for a wide range of audiences.

Audio lectures available from the Center.

Videotapes and DVD’s on varied topics related to Bowen theory. Some tapes in this series await restoration and are unavailable for sale.