Family Matters is a series of half hour TV shows jointly produced by the Bowen Center for the University of the District of Columbia since 2006. The format is a one-on-one interview designed to bring out the best and most in-depth observations from professional people with experience in Bowen family systems theory who have spent their professional lives learning about the issues that matter to families.

The purpose of the program is to support the mission of the Bowen Center to assist families in solving major life problems through understanding and improving human relationships and to support the adult programming strategy of UDC-TV.

Dr. Roberta Holt, as the faculty representative of the Bowen Center, conceived and developed the program, inviting guests with expertise on a great variety of topics of interest to families. Dr. Holt served as the host for the first three seasons of the show. Allen Blakey, a member of the Advisory Board of the Center with professional expertise in communications and public relations, has served as the host from 2009 to 2011.

Dr. Mariana Martinez, a psychologist who is a faculty member of the Bowen Center, has been the new host since 2011. In addition to her knowledge of Bowen theory and clinical experience with families in Latin America and the US, she brings the added experience of hosting a radio show in Mexico.

Mr. Ed Jones, the General Manager of UDC-TV continues in his invaluable role as producer of Family Matters. Since its inception, Ed has dedicated himself to bringing the show to the air and ensuring its quality and visibility.

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