Bowen’s seminal book, Family Therapy in Clinical Practice (1978), was republished in Spanish by the Bowen Center for the Study of the Family in 2016. This publication offers a new opportunity for Spanish speaking students of Bowen theory to learn and apply the ideas presented in this valuable collection of papers.

The Bowen Center is offering, for the first time, a study group in Spanish, centered around the reading and discussion of chapters included in Family Therapy in Clinical Practice. A group of up to ten individuals who have previously studied and applied the theory, will gather five times a year to discuss book chapters, theoretical considerations, and implications to practice (clinical and otherwise). Dr. Mariana Martinez, faculty at the Bowen Center, will coordinate the group and the discussion. The sessions will be conducted via teleconference which allows people from around the world to participate.

People interested in participating in this meeting must contact Dr. Mariana Martinez. The fee for the study group is $100.00.