Dr. Mignonette Keller has been affiliated with the Family Center since 1971 and was appointed to the faculty in 2001. She completed three years in the Postgraduate Program in Bowen Family Systems Theory and Family Psychotherapy at the Georgetown University Family Center from 1976 to 1979. At the Family Center, she coordinates the Bowen Clinical Conference Series, teaches in the Postgraduate Program, and organizes and presents at conferences and serves on several faculty committees. Her research aims to develop a systems model for family research which expands the theoretical approaches to include family oriented theories in the study of the family. In particular, she is interested in developing the family diagram as a reliable assessment instrument for empirical research. Recently, she expanded her research to include the investigation of mechanisms influencing the development and course of Alzheimer’s disease from a systems perspective. In 2014, Dr. Keller received the Caskie Research Award for her research on Alzheimer’s Disease and Family Emotional Process.

She holds a doctorate in sociology from Howard University with specializations in gerontology, social psychology, and family. She was on the faculty in the School of Social Work at Howard University until 2001. Dr. Keller is the founder and former director of Family Transitions, Inc., an assisted living facility for the frail elderly based on a family-centered, preventive health care model.