A member of the Bowen Center faculty since 1993, Patricia Comella’s work has centered on organizational and societal questions. Ms. Comella is currently working toward development of a theory of society as an emotional system. That effort combines long-term application of Bowen theory and decades-long experience in the use and regulation of advanced technologies for societal benefit, including regulating peaceful uses of atomic energy, practicing law, and engaging in diplomatic negotiations.

Ms. Comella has served on the organizing committees for many of the Center’s spring conferences: the 1995 Conference on Organizations, the 1998 Conference on the Workplace as a Living System, the six conferences on Relationship Systems and Individual Variation in Functioning, and the 2009 spring conference, Societies, Families, and Planet Earth.

She has been a regular contributor to Family Systems and currently serves as an editorial consultant. She also was the lead editor of The Emotional Side of Organizations, the published proceedings of the 1995 Conference on Organizations.

Ms. Comella received her undergraduate degree in mathematics from Hofstra University and her law degree from Georgetown University.