Dr. Ruff was both a partner in life through marriage and in research with Candace B. Pert, PhD., with their discovery of Peptide-T which controlled the pain and extended thousands of lives in the treatment of the HIV virus. This discovery opened the door to a non-opioid treatment for pain. Dr. Pert contributed to the founding of the field of MindBody (her term) medicine in the mid-1980’s. Her sudden death in September 2013 created a whirlpool of reactivity in the family and their business requiring significant changes for Dr. Ruff in the last 5 years. These included a successful court action to give credit to Dr. Pert for her discoveries and his creation of a new business, Creative Bio-Peptides, Inc.

Michael R. Ruff, PhD is the CEO and President of Creative Bio-Peptides, Inc. This lecture was recorded live in Washington, DC on May 17, 2018.