This presentation will describe the approach to preserve Dr. Bowen’s original letters and videotapes at the National Library of Medicine where they will be available for the ages and to also create an online digital database so that researchers can do their primary work. To enable both NLM researchers and the public to explore how Bowen developed his theory in his own words, The goal is to recreate the totality of each of his “laboratories,” including his family, genealogical records, and his professional world into a searchable, online database. Discussion will focus on how an archivist can select records that have the breadth and depth to replicate Bowen’s odyssey toward science as he documented the evolution of his thinking.

Joanne Bowen, PhD is the Retired Senior Curator, Environmental Collections at The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation; Research Professor in Anthropology at The College of William and Mary; and Current Director, Founder, and First President of The Murray Bowen Archives Project. This lecture was recorded live at The Bowen Center in Washington, DC on June 15, 2017.