For the last six decades a dedicated team of researchers in Siberia has been domesticating silver foxes to replay the evolution of the dog in real time. Lyudmila Trut has been lead scientist on this work since 1959, and together with biologist and historian of science, Lee Dugatkin, she tells the inside story of the science, politics, adventure, and love behind it all. Together these two risked not just their careers, but to an extent their lives, to make scientific history. If you go one level deeper, you find yourself lost in the magical tale of how some hardscrabble but openhearted humans and the wild animals which they domesticated developed such deep attachments to each other that both seemed to forget the species divide between them.

Lee Alan Dugatkin, PhD, a biologist and historian of science, as well as a Professor and University Scholar in the Department of Biology at The University of Louisville in Kentucky. This lecture was recorded live at George Mason Univerity’s Arlington Campus on April 12, 2018.