Like a small rowboat in a big ocean, parenting an adolescent can leave adults feeling like they are far from safe harbor with no oars. Spend any time on Facebook and a parent will encounter advice, cajoling, and even criticism about how to parent. Carpool lines and soccer field sidelines are full of stories of how parents navigate the challenges of raising children. Through case study presentations and conversations with parents, grandparents, and educators (and anyone else who encounters adolescents on the loose), one can develop ways to think about their responsibilities to youth in their teen years for navigating the waters of this stage of human development.

Amie Post, MA, LCMFT is the Executive/Clinical Director of the Family Crisis Center in Baltimore County, MD and the Administrator and Faculty Member at the Bowen Center, Washington, DC. This lecture was recorded live at The Bowen Center in Washington, DC on December 7, 2017.