Laura R. Brooks, LCSW-C<br />
Director of the Research Committee
Laura R. Brooks, LCSW-C
Director of the Research Committee
The Adoptive Family Study
Randall T. Frost, MDiv
Randall T. Frost, MDivThe Use of Language in Bowen Theory & Practice Based Evidence of Bowen Theory
Victoria Harrison, MA, LMFT
Victoria Harrison, MA, LMFTImpact of Reactivity, Regulation of Reactivity & Observations of Change
Barbara Laymon, PhD, MPH
Barbara Laymon, PhD, MPHImplications of Bowen Theory for Public Health Practice & Bowen Theory in Spirituality and Religion
Mignonette N. Keller, PhD, LCSW-C
Mignonette N. Keller, PhD, LCSW-CAlzheimer’s Disease and Chronic Anxiety in the Family System