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Dates for the 2020-2021 Academic Year

Meetings will be on Mondays at 10am Eastern Time. Days have been selected to avoid most religious and national holidays. Small group and individual consultations with a faculty coach will follow each session.

September 21 – w/small-group consultation
October 19 – w/individual consultation
November 16 – w/small-group consultation
December 14 – w/individual consultation
January 25, 2021 – w/small-group consultation
February 22 – w/individual consultation
March 15 – w/small-group consultation
No April meeting
May 3 – w/individual consultation

Dates for the 2019-2020 Academic Year

September 9 – w/small-group consultation
October 21 – w/individual consultation
November 11 – w/small-group consultation
December 2 – w/individual consultation
January 13, 2020 – w/small-group consultation
February 3 – w/individual consultation
March 2 – w/small-group consultation
No April meeting
May 4 – w/individual consultation

Purpose and Description of Program

This is an online program for leaders in faith communities who have had training and experience with Bowen theory. It will involve case studies, learning sessions, and responses in large group online sessions, small group consultation sessions, and individual consultations with a faculty coach. It is designed to follow two to three years in the Postgraduate Training Program, or other qualified training programs (i.e. network centers, Bowen faculty programs). Theory, theology, and the practice of ministry will all be included while focusing on our own functioning in that complex system of systems: the community of faith.

Each month will include:

  • Two-hour online large-group meetings with presentations and discussions by both Bowen Center faculty and guest lecturers
  • One and a half hour small-group consultation sessions or individual consultations (depending on the month) following each large-group meeting


Applications are accepted online or by mail, and will include an application fee of $50 and an online interview. A background in Bowen theory (such as the Bowen Center Postgraduate Training Program, Network center training programs, Bowen faculty programs) will be necessary, and preference will be given to those actively engaged in leading faith communities of any faith tradition, whether lay or ordained.


Paper applications may be emailed to Edward Henley at

Mail paper applications to:

Edward Henley
The Bowen Center
4400 MacArthur Boulevard NW, Suite 103
Washington, DC 20007


Paper applications can be faxed to 202-965-1765.

Program Fee

The fee for the program is $1,600 and is payable online.

Please contact Edward Henley at to discuss your interest and questions.