In 2016, the Center began a five-year fundraising campaign called The Next Step: Initiatives for the Future. The campaign encourages you to make a five-year pledge, which helps the Center plan its finances. Or you can choose to make an annual contribution. Your ongoing generosity is important and makes possible the continued development of theory and engagement for students of Bowen theory around the world. The Next Step follows our successful Campaign for the Future. Your contributions there helped us add the technology we now use for webcast training and programming and also provided for the renovation of the classroom and other necessary improvements to our condominium office space.

The Bowen Center depends on your dedication to Bowen theory to continue this work. Please read the initiatives on the right and decide which captures your imagination. Your dedication and contribution is greatly appreciated.

Four Ways to Give

Your Donation Supports the Following Initiatives:

Scholarships to Training Programs

Training programs in Bowen theory encourage the development of clinical work and leadership in Bowen theory. Your contribution helps make training available to promising young professionals who could not otherwise participate.

Spanish Speaking Outreach

To make Bowen theory more available to Spanish speakers for learning, research, and application, the Center has developed a Spanish language website, published Spanish editions of our books, and begun a Spanish study group. Further academic outreach is planned.

Family Systems Journal

Online digital availability, academic indexing, and the publication of the compilation, From the Editor, allow the journal, now in its third decade, to broaden readership and continue exploration of Bowen theory’s applications to research, science, and clinical practice.

Sliding Scale Clinic

The Bowen Center offers members of the community affordable clinical services. Interns and Bowen Center clinicians utilize clinical work to share and expand their own thinking and research.

Website & Social Media Outreach

Webcast training and seminars allow the Center to introduce theory and foster professional growth regardless of location. Students of our Introduction to Bowen Theory class and subscribers to Conversations with the Faculty participate from the US and other countries.

Honor Roll of Donors 2017-2018

Thank you to all for your contributions to the The Next Step: Initiatives for the Future. Thank you to our new donors and to all our loyal supporters who have donated over many years. Your gifts make a difference, and your interest in the Center inspires those who assume daily responsibility for its success. We are pleased to recognize memorial contributions, made in support of special programs and gifts in kind.

♦ = Donors who made a five-year pledge to the The Next Step: Initiatives for the Future

Fran Ackerman ♦
Pamela Allen ♦
Topeka, KS
Susan Atlas
Bronx, NY
Katharine G. Baker ♦
Northampton, MA
Brigita Balaram
Spartanburg, SC
Edward Beal
Rockville, MD
Michael Beal
North Chesterfield, VA
John Bell
Aurora, IL
Kathleen Bell
Hartland, VT
Miriam Bellamy ♦
Timnath, CO
Julie Bergdahl
Plattsburgh, NY
Caroline Berry
Dinuba, CA
Barbara L. Bershon
Leonardtown, MD
Jean Blackburn ♦
Chattanooga, TN
Richard & Arlee Blackburn
Lombard, IL
Blakey, H. Allen ♦
Bethesda, MD
Marilyn Bono
Washington, DC
Margaret Breeden
Falls Church, VA
Barbara Broach
Parkton, MD
Laura Brooks ♦
Columbia, MD
Mary Ellen Bryan
Yreka, CA
Gerald Buckley
Beachwood, OH
Ann Bunting
Shelburne, VT
Ann Byrne
Silver Spring, MD
Ann Cain
Gibsonburg, OH
John F. Callahan
Charlottesville, VA
Joseph Carolin
Chambersburg, PA
Myrna Carpenter
Baltimore, MD
Kathleen Cotter Cauley
Vienna, VA
Lida Beth Cavanaugh
Mattapoisett, MA
Peggy Chan ♦
Wanchai, HONG KONG
Ida Chow Doris Cluster
Midlothian, VA
Ona Cohn Bregman
Syracuse, NY
Carrie Collier
Manassas, VA
Joseph J. Combs
Leonardtown, MD
Patricia Comella ♦
Cambridge, MD
Anne Curran
Richmond, VA
Hal DeShong
Austin, TX
Anne Desmond
Princeton, NJ
Margaret Donley ♦
Leawood, KS
David Drake
Des Moines, IA
Elaine Dunaway
Harrisonburg, VA
William and Linda Dwyer ♦
Chattanooga, TN
Joseph Earley
Arlington, VA
Gary Emanuel
Chevy Chase, MD
John Engels
Rochester, NY
Leslie Feder
Washington, DC
Regina Ferrera
Berwyn, IL
Stephanie Ferrera
Oak Park, IL
Beatrice Flynn
Woodstock, MD
Jo Benson Fogel
Rockville, MD
Friends of Hamilton Park Montessori
Jersey City, NJ
Priscilla Friesen
Washington, DC
Randall T. Frost
North Vancouver, BC
Lee Gardner
Skillman, NJ
James Garvey
Coraopolis, PA
Robert Goepfrich
Victoria, BC
Bruce Green Jacques Hadler ♦
Washington, DC
Lauren Hammer
Westfield, NJ
Victoria Harrison
Houston, TX
Laura Havstad
Sebastopol, CA
Brigitte Heffernan
Blairstown, NJ
Claire Heffernan
Alexandria, VA
Edward J. Henley ♦
Temple Terrace, FL
Daniel S. Hess
Lancaster, PA
Marjorie Hottel
St. Michaels, MD
LeAnn Howard ♦
Fairway, KS
Selden Illick
Vero Beach, FL
Carol & John Jeunnette ♦
Brooklyn, NY
Candace Jones
New Hope, PA
Michael Jupin ♦
Columbus, OH
Joan Jurkowski ♦
Glen Arm, MD
Florence Kamm
Chevy Chase, MD
KC Center for Family Systems
Kansas City, MO
Mignonette Keller
Bethesda, MD
Lee Kelley ♦
Bethesda, MD
Phillip Klever
Kansas City, MO
Mary Louise Klimm ♦
Falmouth, MA
Katherine B. Kott
Oakland, CA
Mary Ann Lancaster
Kearny, NJ
Cynthia Larkby ♦
Pittsburgh, PA
Russell Larkin
Falls Church, VA
Karen Leaman
Minnetonka, MN
Eric Linn
Sunrise, FL
Mariana Martinez
Potomac, MD
Kelly Matthews-Pluta
Evanston, IL
Douglas & Kimberly McKenna
Seattle, WA
Anne S. McKnight
Arlington, VA
Patricia McMahon
Kansas City, MO
Barbara Meagher
Philadelphia, PA
Miriam Medrano
Hampton, VA
Patricia Meyer
Herndon, VA
Carroll Hoskins Michaels
Leawood, KS
Keo Miller
Falls Church, VA
Carol Cronin Moran
Wilmette, IL
Irene Morin ♦
Decatur, GA
Ann Mulqueen
Reston, VA
Douglas C. Murphy
Baltimore, MD
Jo-Ann Neuhaus
Washington, DC
Ann Nicholson ♦
Dorchester, MA
Robert J. Noone ♦
Evanston, IL
Emlyn Ott ♦
Columbus, OH
Fran R. Peeler
Raleigh, NC
Juan Penhos
Tiffin, OH
Nathaniel Peters
Colorado Springs, CO
Mary Peterson
Roseville, MN
Marilyn Piety
Silver Spring, MD
Jayne Pool
Birmingham, AL
Amie Post ♦
Baltimore, MD
Princeton Family Center
Kingston, NJ
Catherine Rakow
Confluence, PA
Louise Rauseo
Annapolis, MD
Sydney Reed
Evanston, IL
Ronald Richardson
West Vancouver, BC
Mercy Burton Russell
Burlington, VT
Ruth Riley Sagar ♦
Arlington, VA
Andrea Maloney Schara
Washington, DC
Patricia Scofield ♦
Livermore, CA
Kathy Sheffield
Nevada City, CA
Mary Sholkovitz
Falmouth, MA
Harrison Smith
Oklahoma City, OK
Lorene Snyder
Arlington, VA
Bonnie Sobel
Falls Church, VA
Paul Spector
Richmond, VA
Robert Spilman
Amherst, NY
M. Duncan Stanton
Louisville, KY
Michael Sullivan ♦
Traverse City, MI
Peter Titelman
Northampton, MA
Bennett Tittler
North Andover, MA
Margaret Treadwell
Chevy Chase, MD
Donna Troisi
Boyds, MD
Beverly Vermeer
Enfield, NH
Alice Wald
Walhalla, SC
Maureen Walker
Prospect, KY
Elizabeth Watson
Southern Pines, NC
Kent Webb
Denver, CO
Anonymous David Wells
Glan Carbon, IL
Karen Westerlund
Kirkland, WA
Anonymous Cecile Whitehead ♦
Washington, DC
James Williams
E. Quogue, NY
Robert Williamson
Woodbridge, IL
Kathleen Wiseman
Washington, DC

Donations were made this year:

  • In memory of Libby Siegel Bowen
  • In appreciation of Clarence Boyd
  • In honor of Edwin Friedman
  • In honor of Roberta Gilbert
  • In honor of Candace Jones, longtime supporter of the Bowen Center
  • In honor of Lee Kelley and in memory of Kevin Kelley, longtime generous benefactors of the Bowen Center
  • In memory of Joan McElroy, former Director of the Princeton Family Center
  • In memory of Loretta Nowakowski
  • In memory of Stanley D. Proffit, father of Stanley M. Proffitt
  • In honor of Rev. William Joseph “Joe” Reggin
  • In honor of Ruth Riley Sagar

Special thanks to the following:

  • Harvey W. Hottel, Inc., for complimentary annual heating and air-conditioning maintenance
Last Updated: August 29, 2017